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Usui/Holy Fire III ® Reiki Class
In the words of Mikao Usui "Reiki is the art of inviting happiness"...

For many of us, happiness is an elusive thing we try to grasp onto but only get a glimpse and fleeting moments of. Mikao Usui knew happiness starts with your inner essence, the spiritual alignment with who you are now and what you are meant to be. Reiki can create this alignment and set you on the path to higher consciousness...and, ultimately enlightenment.  Imagine, you could discover how to heal yourself and others through the techniques originally discovered by master Mikao Usui


The materials for the class come from The Intl Center for Reiki Training (ICRT). You'll leave the class with the ICRT manual (by William Lee Rand), as well as a Reiki Certification enabling you to begin giving Reiki treatments to yourself, your pets & others!



Reiki I & II Class:  $420

Usui Holy Fire III

July 13-14, 2024

See Registration form below


Reiki Master Class:  $699
Holy Fire III World Peace  
Sept. 28-29 2024  

See Registration form below 


Let’s Get Started! 

Complete the form below. I'll send you the class outline and get you registered!
Class size is purposely kept small to maximize your experience and learning.  
A deposit will reserve your spot in class.  Deposit:  $150 


Thank you!

CONGRATS Jen, Chrissy and Kimberly - newly Reiki certified, May 2024 class! 

Jen, May 2024 Class Review:  

I have participated in several other Reiki classes in the past, and Janet's has been my favorite. I learned so much and am inspired to keep moving forward to the Master's level training. 

Mary, April 2024 Class Review:  

My Reiki Master training with Janet was one of the most exciting, educational classes I have taken in the last several years. Janet was so positive and encouraging; her kind and gentle soul was so supportive. She answered my many questions then and continues to do so whenever something comes up for which I need clarification or direction. I highly recommend taking a Reiki class with Janet.


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